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Trust: the hardest thing about love

Here’s a collage of my latest thoughts:                                                “The hardest thing about love is trust.”        … Continue reading

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Answer to Prayer! Brittany: an overcomer fighting injustice!

This brings me great encouragement and joy to know that Brittany, an overcomer, is being restored and is also fighting for justice! She was trafficked in Eastern Iowa at age 15, and was eventually rescued by an undercover cop. At … Continue reading

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Cry 4 Justice Update: Dang Dagan Put to Shame

As promised, here is an encouraging update from our Cry for Justice Prayer Group! This Friday (yesterday), God reminded us of Dagon, an idol worshipped by the Philistines. God wasn’t intimidated by this “god”, though (small g – because Dagon … Continue reading

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Cry For Justice Prayer Group: C4J

The Story: God is relentless with His love, and He is also relentless in giving His heart to those who ask for it. When something is on His heart, He is not at all hesitant to share it with His … Continue reading

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I’ve been diagnosed.

The Story: I have been learning new lingo at IHOPE (the House of Prayer Missions Base in Waterloo, IA) this past year, and I can now use specific terminology to explain what I am feeling. I now know that this … Continue reading

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Suffering. It’s going to be worth it.

Hurt is not an excuse for sin. Pain is not an excuse for doubt. Bad experiences and past trials and tribulations are not valid reasons to forbid God from our hearts. We have trials, we have tribulations, we have broken … Continue reading

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The cross covers human trafficking

I’m reblogging this post, originally written in 2012, because it’s a great reminder that the cross of Jesus is relevant to those who are suffering and know sorrow well. ———————————————————————- The Story: The other day, I was talking with a … Continue reading

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You CAN use your voice to eliminate trafficking!

I’M SO STOKED! Why!?! ……. I just got to talk to representatives from Senator Thomas Harkin’s office AND Senator Charles E. Grassley’s office! I called to show my support for the  Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), because the International Justice Mission (IJM) sent … Continue reading

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What can we do to end human trafficking?

Today was a great day, as the Father shared His heart about what He is doing in Cambodia, around the world, and in our hearts. Nicole and I were blessed to be able to share about the trip, and we … Continue reading

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