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You would do anything for the love of God

Jesus, You would do anything for the love of God. YOU, Jesus, being God, having all authority and power and glory, having everything and needing nothing, would do ANYTHING. Why? For the love of God. YOU, Jesus, would do anything. … Continue reading

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“Everybody does karaoke!”

I just think everybody should live like this….taking moments to sing karaoke at gas pumps.

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2 Peter 3

I want to stir up our hearts by remembering what Believers who have gone before us have written… Scoffers will come in the last days, scoffing. They will follow their own sinful desires. They will mock, saying, “Whatever happened to … Continue reading

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Cambodia: Transitions

My friend, Joy, is currently in Bangkok, Thailand. She sees the tragedy of human trafficking constantly, yet she still has hope. She has seen people overcome traumatic pasts. Why? Check it out by clicking here to read more about the … Continue reading

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I hate waiting

I hate waiting. I am American. I have learned that if I want something fast, I can get it fast. I’ve learned to let the small things go. I no longer mind standing in long lines, waiting for food, or … Continue reading

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