Ephesians 1:4-5

“For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight. In love He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will…”  Ephesians 1:4-5  NIV

Background: This letter was from Paul, who was chosen by God to be an apostle (emissary) of Jesus Christ. He was writing this letter to Believers who were located in Ephesus. Therefore, this letter is directed to Believers. If you are a Believer, take this personally because it applies to YOU! 🙂 If you are not a Believer, I pray you are provoked to jealousy to want what the Lord wants for you – which is to be blessed by being in His family and belonging to Him. To be in His family, it only takes 2 things: 1. repenting (confessing sins and choosing righteousness) and 2. believing in Jesus. Romans 10:9

1. “…He chose us…” 
You were chosen by God. God has a choice. He had a choice. God can do whatever He wants. He is God. Of all things, He chose YOU. God did not just brush over people or put people together without thinking thoroughly about every detail. He made You and then He chose you. God chose YOU.
This puts a huge value upon your life. YOU were chosen by God. YOU were important enough for God to create, for God to acknowledge, for God to plan for, and for God to CHOOSE.
God, the CREATOR OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! HE is the One who chose you! You have immense value. If the God of the universe CHOSE you Himself, then He has hope that your life means more than you know. Your life is valuable. YOU are valuable. Why? The God of the universe CHOSE you.

2. “…In love He predestined us for adoption to sonship…” (NIV)

What does it mean to be predestined for adoption?
I think of an eager couple who is adopting. My friends have been waiting for their precious babies to come home, and month after month they raise money, work hard to bring their girls home by filling out paperwork, calling agencies, and attending meetings. I know that waiting has seemed like a never ending, present tense reality. However, their focus is on the end goal of being together as a family with their precious, baby girls. Why? Love.
Love is the motivation. They haven’t even met these little ones face to face, yet they LOVE these girls with a passion which patiently endures through months of anxious desire to know and to be known. Not only did they lose sleep, pray for hours, fill out a forest-worth of paperwork, and raise money. They put their hearts into this.
What I love about this is that the Father’s heart is seen just in a glimpse through this picture of adoption. The Father’s heart is beautiful, because He had a desire to have children who worshipped Him. He DESIRED you. Because of this, He created you. Knowing that you would mess up, He created you. Knowing that you would sin against Him, He created you. Knowing that you would reject Him, He created you.
Knowing you would sin against Him, He bought you back. He did not let offense limit His love. His love is limitless. His heart is abundant. There’s no stopping the love of God. It’s constantly overflowing. For YOU. You were MADE to be not only LOVED BY GOD but to be IN THE FAMILY OF THE LOVING GOD. You were made to join the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to be in their family. If this Truth has not resonated within you before, consider meditating on this:
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were content being a family (3 Persons, 1 Spirit) before people were created. God did not need people. He wanted people. Therefore, you were created! 🙂 You were created, because God desired that you would be in His family! 🙂 We can definitely rejoice in this – that we were wanted and we are desired by God – not just to know Him or to be known but to BE IN HIS FAMILY!

3. “…in accordance with His pleasure and will…”

If all this seems too good to be true, pray for grace to believe it! It is true!
God wants you in His family! He desires you and wants you to be a part of His huge, loving family! 🙂 He not only desires this, but it is His pleasure. He is pleased to have you in His family. You make God happy when you want to join His family. It is not wrong to want to be in His family. It is good and right and true. It makes God happy! It is what He wants! Therefore, we are free to love and to long for His love.
It is good and right and true to want the Father’s love. What’s cool is He is defined by Love, therefore He cannot do anything ever that is not motivated by Love. Because He is defined by Love, He is Trustworthy. Because He is defined by Love, He will never disappoint. God is Love, and it pleases Him that we join His family.

Papa God,
Give us grace to trust that You love us. We don’t want an orphan spirit. We haven’t received a spirit of fear to bring us back into fear (already been there, done that – not fun or necessary), but we have been given a spirit of adoption! Romans 8:15.
This Spirit makes us sons by whose power we cry out, “Abba, Father”! Give us wisdom and revelation about this Truth, Papa! Help us to be Your children. You’ve given us the power to cry out to You as our Father. Amen! 




About morgangascho

I grew up in Iowa, USA (famous for growing corn). I'm contemplative, I love writing, and blogging has become a hobby. Writing worship music is a way to engage in sweet conversation with the Divine Creator of the Universe, Jesus. He is my life. I am hidden in Him and I pray that someday I will know what that means. Until then, I'm seeking His glory, waiting for the day when it will all be revealed to me.
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One Response to Ephesians 1:4-5

  1. Joyce Rice says:

    Morgan your posts are precious to my heart. I am devouring them like a first taste of chocolate. You want to eat it slowly and savor every bite. Thank you Sweetheart for your purity of heart and open transparency that makes them such precious nuggets of loving truth; sifted into tiny treasures to savor each day. God bless you and keep you hon. Love you. Joys Rice.

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