Your husband is your Maker

“For your husband is your Maker, Adonai-Tzva’ot (Lord Almighty) is His name…”
Isaiah 54:5a

Your husband is your Maker. Jesus is referred to as your husband (2 Corinthians 11:2, Revelation 19:7-9, Isaiah 62:3-5)   and your Maker.

Often times, people pray for their future spouse or for their kid’s spouses in order that the marriage will be good, healthy, and the two will be compatible and make a good team. With the whole idea of Jesus as the Bridegroom and the Church as His Bride, Jesus did not need to pray and wait for a spouse to be a certain way. He could CREATE a spouse to be according to His liking! With our (the Bride’s) relationship with the Lord, He had a slight advantage.  He was and is our Creator; therefore He gets to make us according to exactly how He wants us.

Some people pray for spouses who like to rock climb, who enjoy children, who play the guitar, who prefer books over movies or coffee shops over loud parties. Whatever the case is, when people pray for their spouses, they are specific and intentional; because they know they will be living with and teaming up with this person for life. Jesus is the same way – specific and intentional.

He can create and make whatever He wants. Have you ever thought why He made you the way He did? Why did he make you with the color hair you have? Why did He create you with certain desires to create through music or art or why did He give you a passion to play football or soccer? Why did He grow your legs out to the extent they are now? Why did He give you the voice you have or make your fingernails just as they are? Have you ever thought – it’s because He likes it?

Jesus didn’t have to pray and wait and pray and wait for a spouse. He wanted worshipers. He wanted a spouse. So He made us. He made the Church. We are His Bride.

If you are His Bride, then you are His Beloved. (Isaiah 62:4-5) If you are His Bride, then you resemble a part of the Lord which He delights in. It would be incredibly sad to miss out on what the Lord is delighting in. It would be incredibly sad to not embrace what the Lord loves about you and me and about each one of His Beloved.

Realizing that my Husband is also my Maker makes me realize He made me to His liking. He made me according to what He wants. He doesn’t have to ask and wait for a spouse He wants. He already has that desire in me. I am His Beloved, and I am what He wants; therefore I want to more fully walk in the destiny of who He’s calling me to be, because I know that He is delighting in me. I want to give Him the fullness of what He wants by becoming everything He wants me to be.

This revelation makes me want to see the beauty in all of His creation. Realizing that He could and can create whatever He wants makes me appreciate creation more and makes me value it more. He didn’t nonchalantly put things together. He was intentional. Specific. I want to walk around and ask the Lord what He likes about each person, because I know He made His Beloved to resemble Himself.

“Maker, what do you specifically like about this one? What about them resembles you? How are they displaying a part of Your image? How do they resemble Your heart?”


About morgangascho

I grew up in Iowa, USA (famous for growing corn). I'm contemplative, I love writing, and blogging has become a hobby. Writing worship music is a way to engage in sweet conversation with the Divine Creator of the Universe, Jesus. He is my life. I am hidden in Him and I pray that someday I will know what that means. Until then, I'm seeking His glory, waiting for the day when it will all be revealed to me.
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