Soul Care

Soul Care
Today we learned and talked about soul care. The teaching this morning was a refreshing reminder to take good care of our WHOLE selves – body, mind, soul, and will.

This man of God, who taught us, has wisdom. Here are a few one liners he spat out today from the overflow he’s accumulated. (I hope to gain wisdom like this man as I grow older and more mature in the Lord).

One-liners by Dave Pedersen

“After a ministry high, address your own humanity.”
This one liner specifically spoke to me, because he said that often times, we experience victory in ministry, and then we ride the thrill and want to keep going on adrenaline or excitement. He was talking about how people who are in full-time ministry sometimes can be addicted to the work (ministry) and can go full throttle and ignore the command to rest. His suggestion was to focus on caring for yourself after a big spiritual victory in ministry. Caring for your own humanity – including your soul, mind, and body – is not a selfish thing. It’s a necessary thing. Sometimes we just need to be reminded we are simply human.

“Stewardship is from the inside out.”
This quote was in the context of being a good steward of both the soul and money. He highlighted that being a good steward of money is incredibly important, but we cannot be a good steward of physical things and neglect stewarding our souls. What does it profit us to gain the world but to lose our soul?

“What you don’t deal with deals with you.”
I think I’ve learned this one the hard way, and this is now why conflict is a chance for me to work things out instead of something to be afraid of. It’s been so apparent in my life, time and time again, that if I have an offense against someone (including the Lord) or feel offended by someone (including the Lord) that I need to deal with it or it will end up dealing with me. When it starts to deal with me, I become ineffective in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, and to be honest, I only have this short life and I don’t have time for anything other than the job the Lord has given me!

“If you have something to hide, you won’t engage with others.”
I have both seen this and experienced this Truth. I find that sin festers in isolation. When we are scared to talk about something, there’s probably a reason why we’re scared. Is it our own sin? Is it a confession? Is it that we don’t trust other people? Whatever the case, it would benefit us all to find a few trustworthy friends and to be real with them. The Gospel thrives fully in authentic relationships between both God and mankind.

“Inability to socialize well shows a possible soul problem. It shows lack of integrity in your soul.”
This Truth is linked with the one above. It’s just something we can look at to see the condition of our own heart. Are we having trouble engaging with people? Can we socialize well with others? If not, is it because we are scared or have a soul issue that needs working out? It might be worth looking into in the long run! 🙂

Mark 4: The Four Soils

One Bible reference and practical application he gave us was from Mark 4, regarding the four soils. If it benefits you, feel free to read through a brief re-cap of this passage and write down the questions or talk with someone about them to apply it to your life.

Mark 4 talks about the 4 different soils that seed can fall upon. In speaking about soils for the soul, what soil do you think you would represent?
A. Hardened: A hardened heart tends to be resistant, could be cynical or have a victim mentality that everyone is always out to get you, and could delve into self-pity.
B. Rocky: A rocky soil has the seed fall into the soil, but the seed hits a rock and isn’t able to grow. It’s shallow and superficial. It hits a rock of resistance, and isn’t penetrable.
C. Thorny: A thorny soil chokes out the seed that went into the dirt. This soil is cluttered by what which intrudes. This intrusion could be busyness or something else that the Lord is highlighting in your life.
D. Good: The good soil is interestingly enough, often made of compost. This soil can be formed from the ashes and the bad parts of our lives, but can welcome the seed and grow the best.

Out of these four soils, what most resonates with you?
What soil do you think you are? Why?
What do You want to ask the Lord to change or increase?

As always, much love and shalom all! Thanks for reading!


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I grew up in Iowa, USA (famous for growing corn). I'm contemplative, I love writing, and blogging has become a hobby. Writing worship music is a way to engage in sweet conversation with the Divine Creator of the Universe, Jesus. He is my life. I am hidden in Him and I pray that someday I will know what that means. Until then, I'm seeking His glory, waiting for the day when it will all be revealed to me.
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