Red Truck Apple Orchard Selfie

Hi! My name is Morgan. My name means Brightness, and I am Iowan born and raised.

God has given me a heart for a lot of things – youth, adoption, wholeness, wellness, community, worship, and more. I would say the most important passion and justice issue He’s given me a heart for is Himself.

The greatest injustice going on in the earth is that Jesus is not worshipped as He fully deserves to be worshiped. I live to change that injustice. I am a worshipper. That’s what God calls us ALL to be – worshippers of Himself. If you have been pondering your life purpose, the Lord just directed you to it – you are made to be a worshipper of Jesus.

My life purpose (and yours) is to worship Jesus by being who I am called to be, which is a Lover of Himself. This is my aim. It will not change. It will remain the same for eternity, for which I am made.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Morgan, I praise God for things He has been doing in through your life, writings and ministries, I am pastor Jamli In Indonesia. have you been to this country, hope one day you can come and share you faith, hope and love to brothers and sisters here.

    1. Pastor Jamli,

      Thank-you for the divine timing and encouragement! What a joy! I really appreciate it, brother! I have not been to Indonesia, but I will definitely be praying for you all! How can I specifically lift you and my other brothers and sisters up to our Father? I LOVE all my brothers and sisters around the world, and I am so grateful for you! Thanks for your encouragement! That means a lot! 🙂

  2. Hello Brightness!
    I love your heart and the simplicity of the truth you share. Bighten the corner where you are!
    Ms. Prince

    1. aw, Thanks Ms. Prince!! Your momma heart is wonderful and soooo welcomed! 🙂 Joy to the world and to wherever you are! Much love! 🙂 Simple Truths – Simple Freedom. Hallelujah!

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