Hi! My name is Morgan. My name means Brightness, and I am Iowan born and raised.

Vocationally, you could say that I do ministry, but I’ve learned that ministry born out of guilt, obligation, or in response to the mass amount of need in the world, often ends in weariness. This is why I am spending time seeking the face of God in order that I can be filled up to be poured out again. God has given me a heart for a lot of things – youth, adoption, wholeness, wellness, community, worship, and the list goes on. Still, the most important passion and justice issue He’s given me a heart for is Himself! God is the greatest cause.

The greatest injustice going on in the earth is that Jesus is not worshipped as He fully deserves to be worshiped. I live to change that injustice. I am a worshipper. That’s what God calls us ALL to be – worshippers of Himself. (If you have been pondering your life purpose, the Lord just directed you to it: you are made to be a worshipper of Jesus).

My life purpose (and yours) is to worship Jesus by being who I am called to be, which is a Lover of Himself. This is my aim. It will not change. It will remain the same for eternity, for which I am made.


4 Responses to About

  1. jamli barus says:

    hi Morgan, I praise God for things He has been doing in through your life, writings and ministries, I am pastor Jamli In Indonesia. have you been to this country, hope one day you can come and share you faith, hope and love to brothers and sisters here.

    • morgangascho says:

      Pastor Jamli,

      Thank-you for the divine timing and encouragement! What a joy! I really appreciate it, brother! I have not been to Indonesia, but I will definitely be praying for you all! How can I specifically lift you and my other brothers and sisters up to our Father? I LOVE all my brothers and sisters around the world, and I am so grateful for you! Thanks for your encouragement! That means a lot! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Brightness!
    I love your heart and the simplicity of the truth you share. Bighten the corner where you are!
    Ms. Prince

    • morgangascho says:

      aw, Thanks Ms. Prince!! Your momma heart is wonderful and soooo welcomed! 🙂 Joy to the world and to wherever you are! Much love! 🙂 Simple Truths – Simple Freedom. Hallelujah!

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